AI Auto and You

A look at AI in the Automotive Space

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Join Us to discuss the role, benefits, and challenges of AI in the automotive world.  This is an open dialogue with industry experts, automobile retailers and business operatives, promoting understanding and collaboration.


The automotive sector, while always a center of innovation, is now more than ever at the crossroads of technology and human experience due to the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As AI continues to shape the future of the automotive industry, many questions arise about its integration, application, and implications. We present a round table discussion titled “No Question is Stupid – AI, Auto and You”, aiming to address these questions and encourage a healthy dialogue between industry experts and the audience.


This is a golden opportunity to have your questions on AI in the automotive industry answered by a distinguished panel of experts. We believe that every question brings a new perspective and insight, and yours is invaluable!



Our Panel of Experts

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Jay Aubby

Jay Aubby

CTO Connected Toyota (former)

Jay Aubby’s most recent work experience is as the Chief Technology Officer at Toyota Connected Europe

Jay worked as the CTO / Head of Architecture and Technology at INEOS Automotive. 

Blake Medulan

Blake Medulan

Architect and Technology Sherpa

Known as the Technology Sherpa to global enterprises including, Microsoft/Avanade, Accenture, INEOS, and EPAM.

With a high degree of expertise in engineering and development and operations best practices, he has a proven track record of delivering complex projects. Most recently implemented Caesar’s private blockchain and on demand minting engine for SL Benfica and Euroleague.



John Datseries

John Datseries

An accomplished business leader with a demonstrated history in strategic and operational leadership for dynamic industries and businesses across technology, media, product and marketing.

Has led transformation programs for traditional marketing and media companies and is known for designing business and marketing solutions for companies such as: American Express, Chrysler, Mazda, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Corus Entertainment/Shaw, Universal Music Group, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment.